Payment flow mockup
Market research • Motion design • Prototyping • Testing • UX design

Project summary

A webshop with a Quiz section to help users find their preferred coffee beans easier online

The goal was to implement a new payment authentication method for Explicit Selection, a leading international payment provider. I worked as the UX Designer in a team of 4 to write the requirements into an actionable plan, designed an improved current flow and worked in sprints with engineers to help ship the product.

Time frame

August- November, 2022


Explicit Selection

My role

With a team of 1 product owner, 2 technical advisors and 1 payment specialist, we were constantly exchanging ideas and suggestions with our market competitor analysis, payment policies, technical feasibilities and real scenario capturing, so that we could carry out this prototype in a way that is convincible for future investors and stakeholders.


Introducing mobile Driving Licence authentication to users could be daunting. Users might have concerns like:

  • Is it trustworthy?
  • Is there a lot to learn to be able to use it?
  • How much control I have over it?


Users were reluctant to learn how to use a new way of authentication, instead, they would use their old ones.


A vivid capture of user’s possible actions in a hi-fi prototype

It simulated a user’s action from starting in a shopping cart view in a webshop, carrying onto real scenarios of gathering payment information, confirming identity with payment organization and then seamlessly connecting to authentication using mobile Driving Licence, eventually closing off with placing a order back in the webshop.

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