Onboarding flow design
Website design • UI component development • Micro-interaction • Prototyping • UX design

Project summary

A webshop with a Quiz section to help users find their preferred coffee beans easier online

Client would like to have their current onboarding experience for an investment sign up process improved. I worked as UX designer in a 3 person team. I have created a new onboarding experience with clarity and simplicity for investors who is not familiar with digitalized methods. I updated their UI component design using Storybook at the same time. In the same project, I had also re-structured the b2b side of the platform, in order to help save administrator time with less ambiguity.

Time frame

October 2022 - February, 2023


Haerlem Capital

My role

I collaborated with a team lead and a developer on creating this new onboarding experience, front-side and back-end of the platform


Investors who received a link to apply for investment, they usually faced an overwhelming amount of information. They would need to provide different documents to get reviewed. They also would need to go through different stages in the process.


  • Investors felt at lost and overwhelmed by all the information they need to put down, documents to upload and download, which of those are to sign and at what stage they application are.
  • Sometimes, they could be anxious about at what stage they were in the process of the application


step-by-step with sectioned form

  • Every step began with a simple description, to give an idea what was to be expected
  • Information collecting forms were designed with sections to ease up the overwhelming feeling
  • Progress could be saved. It gave less pressure to investors. They could finish at their own comfortable pace.

Different indicators to give user instant feedback about their application stage

  • Different step indicators were presented on top of page and side of pages
  • Their application stage changes would trigger update emails to be sent to their mailbox

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